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Men's Open 3rd September Results

The second year of the Men’s Open was very successful. A full field of 34 teams took part. Visitors from 36 different clubs descended on Rothley Park, from as far away as Hampshire, Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire and, unusually, visiting teams finished in the top two places. The winning team with 85 points were N. Green and J. Hickton of Wortley Golf Club in Sheffield, M. Brennan (Redditch Golf Club) and C. Hannah (Portsmouth Golf Club).


Full results for the Men's Open held on 3rd of September are: -

1st        = N. Green / J. Hickton / M. Brennan / C. Hannah, 85 points (Local Rule)

2nd      = C. Budd / C. Frake / D. Spalding / R. Hodgkins, 85 points

3rd       = T. Knowles / S. Piecha / B. Drew / D. Morgan, 81 points (Local Rule)

4th       = A. Edyvean / C. Edmeades / D. Evans / S.Kelly, 81 points

5th       = S. Jenney / D. Kerr-Delworth / C. Edwards /S. Adcock, 79 points

All prize winners will have vouchers posted to them.

For full results, please click here.


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