Rothley Park Golf Club Local Rules 2017

1. Out of Bounds (Rule 27-1)

  • Beyond any fence, hedge or line of white stakes defining the boundary of the course
  • The car park and practice ground
  • The paved areas around the clubhouse

2. Water Hazards & Lateral Water Hazards (Rule 26)

  • All ponds and ditches on the course are water hazards
  • Where yellow stakes are used they define the margin of a water hazard
  • Stakes used to identify and define the margins of lateral water hazards are red
  • Bridges, retaining walls, culverts and artificial linings within a water hazard are immovable obstructions

3. Obstructions (Rule 24)

  • Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions (Rule 24-1)
  • All artificially made up roads and paths
  • The road crossing the 11th hole and behind the 12th green
  • The internal fence and adjoining bridle road anywhere on the course may be treated as a single obstruction with regard Rule 24-2
  • Staked or banded trees. Relief MUST be taken under Rule 24-2.

4. Green

  • The double green of the 4th & 13th holes shall be considered as one green. Rule 16, 17 & Etiquette.
  • For the purposes of Rule 25-3 (Wrong putting green) the putting green of the 12th hole includes the apron surrounding the green.

5. Ground Under Repair (Rule 25)

  • GUR is identified with white or blue lines and/or blue stakes.
  • Ruts or deep indentations made by green keeping machinery may be treated as GUR

6. Penalty for Breach of Local Rules

  • Match Play – loss of hole Stroke Play – 2 strokes
  • Subsequent offence Rule 14-3 Disqualification


  • Always consider the enjoyment of other golfers
  • Keep up with the group ahead. If you lose a complete hole, call through the match behind
  • Play without delay
  • Be ready to play when it is your shot
  • Leave your bag at the exit from the green
  • Mark your card when waiting for others to tee off at the next hole
  • Allow others to play through before commencing a ball search, not after 5 minutes
  • To save time play another ball provisionally if necessary and allowed (Rule 27-2)
  • Rake bunkers after playing from them AND as allowed under rule 13-4 Exception 2
  • Rakes should be left outside bunkers
  • Repair all divots and pitch marks, even if they are not your own. Rules 13 & 16
  • Use divot bags when provided
  • The pace of play guidelines at RPGC (Rule 6-7) are:
Single ball 2:30 hours
Two balls 3:10 hours
Three balls 3:30 hours
Four balls 3:50 hours


If there is a risk of lightning golfers must discontinue play in accordance with Rule 6-8.


Course information and temporary local rules


Course toilet is located behind the 12th tee
Drinking Fountain is by the 12th tee
Course Marker Discs are on the fairways at 100/150/200 yards, measured to the centre of the green
Flags on the greens mark the following positions, Front – red, Centre – yellow, Back – white



Please click on link below for current Temporary Local Rules.

Temporary Local Rules August 2018

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