Rothley Park Golf Club Local Rules 2021

Local Rules 29th April 20212



Pace of play is governed by the local rules in the pace of play policy containing its own penalty structure.  In general terms:

  • A group is out of position when it is not in position with the previous group / on a time scheduled for the holes played.
  • Players must play promptly and without unreasonable delay. A stroke should take no longer than 40 seconds.
  • Standards of player behaviour are governed by the code of conduct local rule containing its own penalty structure.

Unless noted that the penalty for breach of a local rule is the general penalty.  The complete version of any local rule / additional local rules are available on the club notice board.

Health & Safety

Pro shop number - 0116 230 2809 option 2 or 3 (non emergency)  In the event of an emergency, ring the appropriate emergency service.

  1. A public footpath  and bridle path traverses the course.  Please be aware of walkers when playing as they have the right of way over golfers at all times.
  2. Greenkeeping staff have priority at all times.
  3. Only play to the shared green on the 4th and 13th holes when it is clear.
  4. Please be aware of deep water in the brook and the pond on the 2nd and 18th holes.
  5. A defibrillator is located in the entrance foyer at the clubhouse.


If there is a risk of lightning, players should assume responsibility for their own safety and discontinue play as permitted under Rule 5-7.


Course information and temporary local rules


Course toilet is located behind the 12th tee
Drinking Fountain is by the 12th tee
Course Marker Discs are on the fairways at 100/150/200 yards, measured to the centre of the green
Flags on the greens mark the following positions, Front – red, Centre – yellow, Back – white



Local Rules 29th April 2022


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