As 2020 Junior Captain, may I welcome you to Rothley Park.

Rothley has one of the best and most active junior sections in the county. There are regular junior competitions throughout the school holidays, and once they have gained an official handicap juniors are encouraged to play in the ladies’ and gentlemen’s competitions.

Katie, our Professional, runs regular coaching sessions on Saturdays during the summer months that are open to members’ and non-members’ children and provide an excellent introduction to golf.

It may assure parents or guardians to know that as part of our commitment to juniors,  we ensure that conduct, playing etiquette and rules are taught and tested at appropriate stages of their development.

What age is a junior member? Under 18 years of age, by 1st April of the new summer season.

What is the youngest allowed? If always accompanied by an adult playing member, there is no strict rule but this is usually above 9 years old. Normal junior membership (unrestricted) is based on the individual playing standard, linked with safe conduct and etiquette experience – usually around 11 years old.

Junior membership costs are currently under review.  Please contact our Club Manager for more details. ( ) There is no joining fee for juniors.

Cheers, Dylan Bamford (Junior Captain 2020)

Come and enjoy our quiet fairways

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