RPGC Academy

Do you want to learn to play golf? Rothley Park Golf Academy is here!

The Rothley Park Golf Academy program for beginners is the perfect opportunity to get you up to speed with all the core skills and knowledge you need for a game of golf.

The Academy starts with the short game, before progressing through to the more complicated long game, and has a proven formula for equipping beginners with everything they need. It covers all bases and welcomes adults of all ages (please see separate Juniors' section). You don’t have to worry about equipment – we’ll provide it all for you if you haven’t got your own!

The Rothley Park Golf Academy Membership for beginners starts on the 4th April priced at just £195.00 for six months.

Our sole aim for the Academy is to introduce you to the game of golf and start to build your skills with other beginners so that you are ready to play and apply for full membership at the end of the programme.

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